Price list

The Pricelist is a general guide as it can differ for some costumes. 
Type of outfit
Baby costumes for hire
From R120
Kiddies costumes 2yrs to 9yrs for hire
From R150
Teen-Adult costumes for hire
From R180
Mascots for hire
From R475
Accessories For sale
From R20
Custom costumes for sale
From R550
Packet costumes
From R275
From 250
Prices subject to change

Thandeka 02.11.2022 08:55

Hi, do you have superhero outfits for 2 -3 year olds. What are the prices?

sarah 09.11.2022 12:23

hi are you looking to hire or buy, can also message on whats app 0833814108

Lelethu 02.09.2022 09:54

Good Morning,

I'm looking for anima costumes for kids for hire. Ages from 5 to 8.
May you kindly share prices with me.


Antonie Viljoen 17.01.2022 09:54

Hi, Matador outfit? Man reasonable tall, 1.89cm.

sarah 24.06.2022 07:38

unfortunately we do not have given enough time we can always make one in future please use our whats app number 0833811408

Thulani 01.11.2021 12:10

Hi please provide me with the hire prices for the sailor theme for an adult Male and female. 2 kids one 3 and the other 7.

sarah 24.06.2022 07:37

good day
we do have sailor outfits from 2yrs to adult best is to come and fit them
kids from R150 each
adults from R180.00 each
with R300.00 refundable depos

gwen geldenhuis 28.10.2021 10:51

thank you for your inquiry unfortunately not

Sekamotho Maitsi 28.10.2021 08:33

Hi. Do you have a Ben10 costume to hire or to buy?

sarah geldenhuis 28.10.2021 10:37

unfortunately we do not have when do you need it for ?

Swane 23.09.2021 11:41

Good day

Do you have elf ears and beards fo sale or to hire?

sarah geldenhuis 23.09.2021 12:23

yes we do have for sale elf ears R35.00 each bread are from R30.00each depending on length

Ursula 20.09.2021 11:16

Hi do you have German, Irish and Portuguese heritage costumes for kids and teens available?

sarah geldenhuis 20.09.2021 11:47

yes we do have outfits for Irish, German and Portuguese available for hire from R150.00 each with R300.00 deposit

sarah geldenhuis 07.07.2021 07:44

good morning
we do have outfits for hire you are welcome to come fit and book them
picture you can message on 0833818104 or send me your number :)

Tumi 07.07.2021 06:27

I am looking for shimmer and shine genie costumes for my girls. 1 is 3years old and the other is turning 6 years old. Due for August

sarah geldenhuis 21.04.2021 06:11

good morning

i can put something together for hire
if you would like to purchase let me know when you need it for and the size and we can look into making

Julia 20.04.2021 19:17

Hi. Do you perhaps have Paddington Bear as a costume?

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09.11 | 12:23

hi are you looking to hire or buy, can also message on whats app 0833814108

09.11 | 12:21

we do have the shirts for hire

09.11 | 12:21

i don't have in stock you would need to order them please send through order to

09.11 | 12:20

yes we do have for hire