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Donkey Costume

Elephant costume

Giraffe costume

Hippo costume

Lion costume

Lion costume

Monkey costume

Monkey costume

Tiger costume

Wolf costume

Zebra costume

clown costumes

Michael Jackson super star jacket

blue astronaut suit 2-3yrs 4-6yrs 8-9yrs

silver astronaut suit 2-3yrs 4-5yrs 6-7yrs 8-9yrs

white astronaut suit for photo shoots only 2-3yrs 4-6yrs

Kiddies costumes 
All kiddies costumes come in ages from 2yrs to 9yrs 
There is a wide range of kids costumes
We have fancy dress costumes from 2 years to 9 years
There are princess dresses
We have prince costumes
There are king and queen kiddies fancy dress costumes
We have a wide range of kids animal costumes for hire like
Lion costumes
Elephant kiddies costumes
Under the sea fancy dress costumes
Jungle theme kiddies fancy dress  costumes
Halloween  fancy dress costumes
Bird costumes to hire
We make custom costumes all sizes for fancy dress

Prudi 07.09.2022 09:17

Good day
I would like to know if you have a cow and a dog costume for 5 to yrs to buy
i need 3 of each.

sarah 09.11.2022 12:21

i don't have in stock you would need to order them please send through order to

Caren 10.08.2022 03:45

Morning do you have a frog costume for 10 year old?

sarah 09.11.2022 12:20

yes we do have for hire

Lizwe 06.08.2022 11:42

Good day

Do you have cat noir costume

Ann 24.05.2022 14:20

Good Day, i need an animal costume for my son (4 years old) and Daughter (2 years old) i need it for the 26th May, is there anyway you can help me? prices?

sarah 24.06.2022 07:34

sorry for only getting back to you now yes we do have animal costumes from 3 months to adult prices are from R150.00 each with R300.00 refundable deposit

Kirsty-sian 04.05.2022 13:13

do you have an Alice in Wonderland costume for a 4yr old

sarah 24.06.2022 07:33

yes we do have for hire R150.00 each to hire with R300.00 refundable deposit

Thembisile 26.04.2022 12:18

Good day

Please advise if you have a spiderman costume to hire out

sarah 24.06.2022 07:32

we have a large range of costumes to hire please visit our shop to view our wide range

Pal 15.03.2022 05:56


do you have Peppa Pig or Paw Patrol costumes to buy or hire for a 5 year old

sarah 24.06.2022 07:31

good day when do you need the outfit for please use whats app number 0833814108

Di 10.03.2022 15:25

Good afternoon, do you have any Gatsby or Cabaret Theme outfits for a 6year old girl

sarah 24.06.2022 07:31

yes we do you are welcome to come see our range

Blaine 27.10.2021 14:33

Good afternoon. I am looking for 3 costumes for hire. Sleeping beauty, princess Belle and Elsa. Please let me know if you have and the price.

sarah geldenhuis 28.10.2021 06:26

good morning yes we do have these princesses in many different sizes

Monica Singh 16.09.2021 07:01

Good morning, I am looking to buy a Scientist costume for 5yr old. Please advise

gwen geldenhuis 16.09.2021 08:11

Thank you for your inquiry .I have white lab coats .shirts pants and tie .To Hire is R150 plus a R300 refundable deposit.

BUTI 24.08.2021 11:11

Good day. Do you have a Spiderman or Power rangers Costume for a 3 year old boy?

gwen geldenhuis 24.08.2021 12:30

Hi Buti
thank you for yo inquiry yes I have the costumes requested for hire.
Hire is R150.00 per costume plus a R300.00 refundable deposit.

Carel Durand 02.08.2021 10:24

Good day, do you have any Ninja Costumes for kids

sarah geldenhuis 03.08.2021 06:16

good day we ave for both hire and sale we also make ninja outfits for sale what size are you looking for

Althea 23.07.2021 11:59

Good day. Looking for a dinosaur costume for 3 year old and price please?

sarah geldenhuis 23.07.2021 12:25

good day
yes we do have dinosaurs for hire for 3yrs, R150..00 with R300.00 refundable deposit,

Semanga 02.06.2021 11:59


I am looking for a Pirate outfit for a 6 year old boy.

sarah geldenhuis 02.06.2021 12:43

good day yes we do have many different style pirates for 6YRS

Nondi 26.05.2021 12:21

Good day,

I would like to hire a dog costume for a 5year old. Do you have any and can you assist?

sarah geldenhuis 26.05.2021 13:00

good day
yes we have a dog for 5 yrs for hire
R150.00 for the hire with R300.00 refundable deposit

sarah geldenhuis 21.04.2021 07:27

good morning
yes we do have sheep for hire for 2-3yrs R150.00 for the hire with a R300.00 refundable deposit

Dirkie 21.04.2021 06:53

Hi, do you have a sheep costume for a 2 year old?

Tholi 31.03.2021 08:59

Look for a bunny outfit for kids, needed urgently.

sarah kiddies fantasy costumes 31.03.2021 09:29

good day we do have bunnies for both hire and sale what size are you looking for

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hi are you looking to hire or buy, can also message on whats app 0833814108

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we do have the shirts for hire

09.11 | 12:21

i don't have in stock you would need to order them please send through order to

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yes we do have for hire