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Lion, Giraffe, Bears,Teddy Bears, Elephants, Frogs, Insects, Spider, Panda, Cats, Dogs, Dalmations, Trees, Fairies, Elves,Gnomes, Dwarfs, Horses, Animals, Witches, Princeses, Princes, Kings, Queens, Caracters, Super Heros, Dragons, Birds, Ducks, chickens and many other types of costumes


We cater for all school concerts.

We collect and deliver to schools.



whatsapp +27 83 381 4108

71 Maria Street unit 9



please use parking entrance on 5th 

pin location and operating time can be veiwed on our whats app profile 

Email  geldenhuis@polka.co.za

Watch this space for many more exciting items to follow




Nelly 05.10.2022 07:11

Good Morning...do you have any costumes for planets/the solar system?

sarah geldenhuis 09.11.2022 12:17

yes we do have planets for hire which one are you looking for

Constance Shoko 18.08.2022 19:06

Good evening.
Do have grandma's costumes for kids?

sarah geldenhuis 09.11.2022 12:16

we do have cloths for hire in an old style fashion

Rushda Hendricks 06.07.2022 07:58

Good morning do you have Indian sari for childrenbto rent

sarah geldenhuis 05.08.2022 10:27

we do have what size are you looking for

Candice 20.04.2022 18:27

Hi do you have a red riding hood costume to hire for a petite 10 year old

sarah geldenhuis 24.06.2022 07:20

yes we do we have many differant costumes to hire you welcome to visit us at our new premises

Ndabezinhle 05.04.2022 13:35

Hi there, how much is a kiddies costume for a 6-year-old doctor?

sarah geldenhuis 24.06.2022 07:21

kiddies doctor costumes are R150.00 each to hire with R300.00 refundable deposit

anthony 01.03.2022 09:16

Morning, Do you have any adult male german beer festival outfits and if so could you send me some photos and prices for a day?

sarah geldenhuis 24.06.2022 07:22

good day i do have in an adult size small you welcome to contact us on whats app for pictures

Adele 25.11.2021 15:32

Good day. Do you have a dog costume for a 15 year old. Thank you.

sarah geldenhuis 24.06.2022 07:23

depending on the size of your 15 year old we shpuld be able to accommodate

shantal 10.11.2021 11:53

Good day
Do you have any cleaner costumes for a 6 year old boy. My son is in a school play and needs to dress as a cleaner.


Sarah 05.11.2021 06:11

Hi there 👋
Do you have any costumes for 6 year olds with a theme surrounding Christmas elves?

Tiaan 03.11.2021 09:15

Good day,

do you perhaps have a leopard outfit for a 4year old boy? Perhaps a cheetah? It would need to be for Friday?

Tiaan Visser

Marietjie 01.11.2021 12:05

Hi I'm looking for power rangers dress up costumes but to buy black, purple, gold, white, yellow, silver.

sarah geldenhuis 02.11.2021 07:17

when do you need them for and what size

Joy 28.10.2021 12:44

Do you have a Gorilla outfit for a two year old

sarah geldenhuis 29.10.2021 08:57

good morning yes we do have gorilla costumes in 2-3 yrs for hire R150.00 each with R300.00 refundable deposit

Abbey 27.10.2021 13:56

Hi do you have colorful bob wigs ? I am looking for pink, purple, green and orange for this Friday

sarah geldenhuis 28.10.2021 06:29

yes we do have many different wigs in many colours for sale from R100.00 - R250.00 each

LYDIA MOIMA 27.10.2021 12:43

Hello. My sibling needs a batman costume for the 29th of October 2021. Do you only hire costume to people around Randburg or other places as I'm on Tembisa?

sarah geldenhuis 28.10.2021 06:28

yes we do, we also have superheros for sale

Genevieve van der westhuizen 27.10.2021 11:18

Hi do you have Dinosaur costumes for a 5 year ols?

sarah geldenhuis 27.10.2021 12:13


Nomathemba Cronje 26.10.2021 09:14

Hi my son would like a Ninja/Karate Suit for the 29th October 2021, to hire please age 6-7.

sarah geldenhuis 26.10.2021 10:33

good afternoon i do have black ninja for hire R150.00 each with R300.00refundable deposit, i also have white ninja for sale R300 each

Tammy 24.10.2021 07:23

Good day, my son would like a sonic the hedgehog outfit. Size 5-6. Do you guys have?

sarah geldenhuis 26.10.2021 06:11

good morning, i do have sonic for hire R150.00 for the hire with R300.00 refundable deposit but i only have it in a 6-7yrs

Samantha 22.10.2021 14:25

Hi my son is need a sea creature out for school on Friday he is 5. Do you guys have any thing for him

gwen geldenhuis 22.10.2021 14:49

hi yes we ca assist hire is from R150.00 plus a R300.00 refundable deposit

Tasneem 13.10.2021 19:08

Hi, my daughter is required to dress up as our national flower - the protea. Do you have anything like that?

gwen geldenhuis 14.10.2021 11:51

Hi We do not have Protea can do a sunflower.
Kind regards Gwen

Soazig Purenne 05.10.2021 17:11

I am looking for the costume of Steve in Stranger things for a 11 year old. Would you have that?

sarah geldenhuis 07.10.2021 06:10

good morning
yes we can do the sailor suit look, see our under our carers section

Jody 30.09.2021 16:06

Good day, do you have Peter Pan costumes for sale 3-4 year old

sarah geldenhuis 01.10.2021 10:45

good day
i dont have any in stock at the moment when do you need it for as i can always make one for you

Janine 17.08.2021 13:41

Thank you. Is it possible for you to send some pics of bird and insect costumes. I dont find anything on the website

sarah geldenhuis 17.08.2021 13:58

yes i can send please provide and whats app number or drop us a whats app on 0833814108

Janine 16.08.2021 19:50

Good evening do you have insect costumes for spring

sarah geldenhuis 17.08.2021 05:59

good morning
yes do have a large range of bugs and insects for kids ranging from ants to caterpillar, bee, lady bugs, butterflies, crickets and many more

Phumi 01.07.2021 15:34

Would like to urgently hire spy Ninja costume 10 year old for Saturday 😭😭😭

sarah geldenhuis 02.07.2021 06:39

good morning
we do have ninjas and spy's and a variety of sizes
you are more than welcome to come see our options :)

Kefilwe 01.07.2021 11:56

Good Afternoon
Do you perhaps have any outfits from the characters on the Shrek movie?

sarah geldenhuis 01.07.2021 12:40

good afternoon
yes we do have
for what age/size gender and when do you need it for

Sindiswa 31.05.2021 14:29

Hi i would like to find out if you have a Fire fighter custom for toddlers age 5-6, and how much for hire?

sarah geldenhuis 01.06.2021 08:02

our whats-app 0833814108

sarah geldenhuis 01.06.2021 08:00

good day
there is a lovely pic on google business or if yo send me a whats-app number i can send them to you as well :)

Sindiswa 01.06.2021 06:30

Hi Sarah, is it possible to email me pictures or i have to come there to view?

sarah geldenhuis 31.05.2021 14:49

we have a few option for fire fighters for hire they start from R150.00 each to R180.00 each depending on the style with R300.00 refundable deposit

Carmen 30.05.2021 10:52

Hi there

I. Looking for red King Robe/Cape outfit for a 8 year old boy?

sarah geldenhuis 31.05.2021 06:05

good day
we have plenty king costumes for all sizes for hire
we also have cloak for hire
for sale we have crowns and other king accessories

Sanet 20.05.2021 09:04

Hi do you have a white patients gown?

Not doctor, the patient one that ties at the back

sarah geldenhuis 20.05.2021 09:44

unfortunately i do not have any at the moment when do you need it for we could look at making one up if there is time :)

sarah geldenhuis 22.04.2021 11:26

yes we have a wide range of book charters for both girls and boys in all sizes

Chantel 22.04.2021 10:35

Hi hope you well? Do you have book character costume for hire ?

sarah geldenhuis 22.04.2021 09:54

good day i do have pirate hats for both sale and i do have ladies corset for hire and sale i also have a ladies pirate jacket for hire

Bianca Du Toit 22.04.2021 06:21

Good morning, I am hosting a Pirate party tomorrow and was hoping you have a ladies pirate hat and a corset available?

Mpho 20.04.2021 11:45

Hello,I’d like to know if you have costumes from The Jungle Book? Tx

sarah geldenhuis 20.04.2021 12:48

yes we do have charters from the jungle book in many sizes

Anathi 20.04.2021 10:47

Hello,I’d like to know if you have a little mermaid costume for a 5year old girl. Needed this Friday .

gwen geldenhuis 20.04.2021 11:16

Hi Anathi thank you for your inquiry yes I have a mermaid costume for hire is R150.00 plus a R300.00 refundable deposit. kind regards Gwen Kiddies Fanatsy

TANIA Conradie 14.04.2021 08:42

Good day
Would like to know if you have lion ears and a tail for a 4 year old? Not a suit, just the ears and tail..

gwen geldenhuis 24.11.2020 13:20

Hi Filipa
thank you for your inquiry.
Yes i have both Goldilocks and little red riding hood for hire.
To hire is R150.00 per costume plus a R300.00 deposit.

Filipa 24.11.2020 12:55

Hi there, please advise if you have either goldilocks or little red riding hood costumes for hiring for a 6 year old please? Please advise the costs?

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hi are you looking to hire or buy, can also message on whats app 0833814108

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we do have the shirts for hire

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i don't have in stock you would need to order them please send through order to geldenhuis@polka.co.za

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yes we do have for hire