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Thomas 11.10.2022 08:40

Good day, do you have any Scythes?

Sthembile 10.05.2022 13:49

Hi there, Im looking for the red and blue harley quiin outfit for a 10 year old

Elaine Logan 12.04.2022 11:48

Good afternoon. Do you have spiderman costumes for rental for a boy in size 7-8?

Deepika 24.03.2022 18:51

Hi. Do you have any super hero costumes for boys ages 8 and 11.

Mayuri Boolauck 05.11.2021 18:55

Good evening. Do you have biblical costumes (Joseph, Arc Angel, Shepherds, Wisemen) for a 5 year old? Thank you

Priscilla 05.11.2021 16:58

Hi, do you have red tights or stockings for toddlers

Nadene Bain 04.11.2021 06:30

Good morning,

Do you have a Cleopatra outfit for adults?

Makungu Mabuza 30.10.2021 11:11

Good afternoon… do you have a Prince costume for a 7 year old boy for rental?

sarah geldenhuis 02.11.2021 06:10

good morning
yes we do have a few different style of princes available for hire R150.00 each with R300.00 refundable deposit

Shivani Landie 27.10.2021 17:16

Hi do you have a wolf costume for a 10 year old boy? Thank you

sarah geldenhuis 28.10.2021 07:00

morning yes we do have wolf masks for hire R150.00 each with R300.00 refundable deposit

Michelle 07.10.2021 17:17

Hi there. Do you perhaps have a rhino costume for a 3 year old?

sarah geldenhuis 08.10.2021 06:00

good morning
yes we do have rhinos R150.00 for hire with R300.00 refundable deposit

Caro Victor 28.07.2021 06:19

Do you have a chef out fit with chef hat for 4 year old and a racing car driver outfit for 6 year old?

sarah geldenhuis 28.07.2021 06:37

good day yes i do have chefs for 4 yrs and race drivers for 6 yrs for hire
R150.00 each for the hire with R300.00 refundable deposit

Nasreen 29.10.2020 07:37

Good day, do yous have Halloween costumes for adults?

joe 29.10.2020 08:11

yes we do but fast running out Call Sarah on 011 791 7831 ext 1 or view at 60 Rabie street Fontaineblleau Randburg

joe 27.10.2020 11:59

yes we do 60 Rabie street Fontainebleau Randburg or phone Sarah 011 791 7831 ext 1 or e mail

Nico 27.10.2020 11:50

Hi Do you have Hero attires for Teenage girls?

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hi are you looking to hire or buy, can also message on whats app 0833814108

09.11 | 12:21

we do have the shirts for hire

09.11 | 12:21

i don't have in stock you would need to order them please send through order to

09.11 | 12:20

yes we do have for hire